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Are you protected against the cost of an HMRC investigation?

Are you protected against the cost of an HMRC investigation?


HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) increased powers and new initiatives will result in them approaching taxpayers by a variety of means at any time of their choosing, so it is especially important that you are protected from the outset of any investigation into your affairs. HMRC is tasked to close a £48bn tax deficit having collected £440m from investigations into tax returns of self-assessment payers alone in the past year, an increase of 64% on the previous year.  All backed by the chancellor’s autumn budget statement where it was confirmed there will be an additional 2,500 new tax inspectors to help achieve targets.

Some good news….


We have a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service scheme in place, which is available to all our clients. If you are not already covered you have the opportunity to join our other clients already benefiting from cover.  Clients already protected who have experienced enquiries have had all our fees paid by our insurer and been very satisfied with the service. Costs can easily exceed thousands of pounds for larger cases. Clients in the Scheme are also able to obtain helpful advice about the complex areas of Health & Safety and Business Legal support.

A tax investigation insurance policy protects you against the costs of a HMRC tax investigation and cover starts from as little as £18 per year for tax return client’s and £68 per year for businesses depending on needs and circumstances.

Email one of our senior partners Tracy Attard at tracya@knightandcompany.co.uk or call 01628 631056 to find out about tax investigation insurance for your business.