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Don't miss the tax credit renewal deadline

Don't miss the tax credit renewal deadline


The deadline for renewing your tax credits claim is 31 July, which is fast approaching. This applies to both working tax credits and child tax credits, as well as any enhanced childcare support you receive.

By now, you should have received your renewal pack from HMRC. You must check that the information inside your pack is correct and, if it's not, send the correct details back to the Tax Credits Office.

Changes you might need to report to HMRC

HMRC requires up-to-date information about your marital and parental status, as well as income from work, savings, dividends and pensions.

There are a number of reasons that the information in your renewal pack might not be correct. These include recent changes to your circumstances, such as:

·         your income or working hours have changed

·         you've had another child

·         your childcare costs are different

·         you've been married or divorced

·         you've spent 8 weeks or more outside of the UK

If you don't renew your claim correctly before the deadline, your working tax credit or child tax credit payments may stop or you could be fined for receiving money that you're not entitled to.

We can help you with tax credit applications and renewals

We can help you complete your renewal forms correctly and submit them to the Tax Credit Office before the 31 July deadline.

Call us now on 01628 631056 or email our tax specialist, Joy Collins, at joyc@knightandcompany.co.uk and we can explain exactly what information we'll need from you about your current circumstances and income. We can then arrange a consultation to complete your forms.