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Self-assessment: 31 October deadline approaching


Self-assessment: 31 October deadline approaching

 Time for a quick reminder about the 31 October deadline for filing paper self-assessment tax returns.

  File your paper self-assessment tax return

 If you fill in a paper version of the self-assessment tax return, HMRC must receive your form before midnight on Thursday 31 October 2013. If you file online, or we file for you, you have until 31 January 2014.

 If your paper return reaches HMRC later than midnight on 31 October, you will have to pay a late filing penalty of £100 plus £10 per day for every additional day that you're late within the first three months. After that, you will receive a further £300 fixed penalty.

 What we need: to complete your self-assessment tax return, we'll need to know your tax reference number and personal details, as well as details of your business income and expenses, purchases or sales of assets and income from savings and investments.

  Register for self-assessment

 If you haven't yet registered for self-assessment, you've missed the deadline for registering for your 2012/13 tax year tax return. You could now be liable for a late registration penalty and you should register immediately to avoid further fines.

 What we need: to get you registered, we'll need to know your national insurance number, personal details and the address and start date of your business.

 Contact us now

 Contact us now on 01628 631 056 or by email at joyc@knightandcompany.co.uk to discuss your self-assessment tax return.