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What do accountants, pharmacists and librarians have in common?

What do accountants, pharmacists and librarians have in common?


On the face of it, not much. But in fact, there is one thing that unites us. It’s the fact that people only ever see the tip of the iceberg. Let me explain.

Every pharmacist has undergone years of training to qualify, yet for many of us they are the person who silently toils away in the recess of the shop putting sticky labels on our pills and potions, before asking us to confirm our address.

Every librarian has also studied hard and many are highly qualified, and yet all we see is them pushing around a trolley, putting books back on shelves.

Every accountant has also put in the hours and commitment to gain the exacting qualifications required to qualify, yet, to the uninitiated, all we do is complete their tax returns.


Three professions with so much to offer

The pharmacist is a mine of information about all types of illnesses and conditions and most love nothing better than the opportunity to share that knowledge. They can offer advice on treatment and whether you need to see your GP, then and there.

The librarian knows the system inside out. They can find things for you, use the extensive knowledge and resources at their disposal to suggest other topics of interest or further sources of information.

And the accountant? The best can offer you management accounting, which uses a combination of management information tools and experience to take your business forward.

As many of our clients have found, we may not be able to help them with their ailments or reading choices, but we are exceptionally good at helping them to make informed business decisions on matters such as:

·         governance and risk management

·         performance management and measurement

·         planning and forecasting and value recognition.


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