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Our approach

We’re here to support your business

At Knight & Company, we want to help business owners focus on doing what they do best.

Founded in 1979, we’ve had plenty of experience providing accounting and advisory services to businesses in Maidenhead and beyond. Using the knowledge we’ve built up over the years, we give our clients relevant, helpful guidance.

We’ve never been ones to settle for the bare minimum. We’ll take the time to really listen to your aspirations and challenges, and understand how we can best support you along the way.

To keep up with the latest in the industry and offer additional services, we’re members of 2020 Consulting, the Society of Professional Accountants and Mercia Group for CPD & training.

We also belong to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Our people

Dedicated and approachable

Whatever kind of support you need, our friendly, experienced team have things in hand.

With a varied range of interests and specialisms, we’re always on hand to share our expertise and answer your questions.

Each member of the team also carries out regular training and development to stay up to date in their field, so we can give you the latest advice.

Our clients’ successes

Restructuring two businesses into one

As a business develops over time, the goals and motivations behind it can change – and the structure of the business might need to change, too. Restructuring is a complex process to go through, and it needs to be done by the book. Here’s how we helped one client, who wanted to combine their two businesses into one succinct structure.


Our client was running two businesses and wanted to synchronise them into one, but they needed help with the process and wanted to make sure they met their legal requirements throughout.


Using communication methods – including calls, emails and face-to-face meetings – that were convenient for our client, we worked with them to restructure their business, making the transition happen as smoothly as possible.


Our client has transitioned to the next phase of their business, and they are happy with how the process went. We still have regular dealings with them, and we’re assisting with their business in its new structure.

How we help

Whether you need tax planning or business advice, outsourced accounts or help with software, we've got it all covered. Take a look at our full list of services.