Company secretarial

Let us handle the paperwork for you

Filing returns, filling in forms, keeping the books and managing shares – it’s a lot to manage when you’re running a limited company.

But keeping Companies House informed of your company’s details and accounts is a statutory requirement, and missing any deadlines or submitting the wrong information could mean you face a hefty penalty.

Our fixed-fee company secretarial package covers all of that time-consuming admin work, leaving you free to focus on what you care about. 

We can help you with:

  • forming a company
  • striking off a company
  • setting up your registered office and service address
  • filing forms for the appointment and resignation of directors and secretary
  • maintaining the company’s statutory books
  • preparing and filing your annual return
  • allotting or transferring shares
  • preparing all documents related to minutes and resolutions
  • filing forms for the change of directors, secretary and registered office and service address
  • preparing and filing dormant company accounts

Dominic Attard looks after our clients’ company secretarial requirements, so email if you need any assistance.

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