Do you know what your fuel costs for the year might be? Or how much pay you might be due with your next payslip depending on your employment status and other factors? Our set of handy calculators can help you estimate the answers to these questions and more.

Remember, though, that they’re only meant to be handy reckoners, and give an instant readout based on information you provide, so don’t make any big decisions based on the output. Get in touch to discuss the outputs, or for more comprehensive advice based on your specific situation.

Estimate annual fuel costs

To save you crunching the numbers yourself we’ve put together a calculator which will allow you to enter a few pieces of information to get a rough idea of how much you’re likely to spend on petrol or diesel for your car or van.


Estimate your property taxes

This calculator will help you get an idea of the likely tax on a property you own or are planning to acquire, taking into account various factors and elements of UK tax law.


Estimate VAT

Whether you need to add VAT to a bill you’re issuing or want to know much you can reclaim in your tax return, this easy calculator gives you an answer in a couple of clicks.


Estimated payslip calculator

Use this calculator to work out how much you would be likely to earn each month as either a contractor or as a permanent employee to help you decide which working arrangement might be better for you and your family.


How we help

Whether you need tax planning or business advice, outsourced accounts or help with software, we've got it all covered. Take a look at our full list of services.