Estate planning

Looking after your loved ones when you’re gone

Let’s be honest, it’s not much fun to think about dying. Even worse, though, is worrying about how your family will cope financially after you’re gone.

The legislation around legacies and estates is complicated and forces people to start planning years in advance – ideally, right now.

In particular, that’s because any gift worth more than £325,000 made to members of your family within the seven years leading up to your death will incur inheritance tax, on a sliding scale.

But of course nobody knows for sure when they’re going to die so it’s a matter of pragmatic judgements based on probabilities and guesses.

We’ll be there at your side to help you think through the possibilities, helping ensure that the maximum amount goes to your family and not into government coffers.

At the same time, we’ll help you get the balance right so that you and your partner have everything you need in later life. You can’t, for example, give away your house and continue to live in it rent free, as the property will still be included in your estate. 

We’ll help you navigate these rules and stay compliant with tax law.

With our detailed, up-to-date knowledge of the UK tax regime, we can support you in preparing for retirement and beyond.

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