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We’re proud of the work we’ve done over the years, giving countless businesses the personalised, practical support they need to thrive and grow.

Here are just a few examples of where our accountancy and business services have been integral to the success our clients have found.


A client-focused solution for Making Tax Digital

With Making Tax Digital (MTD) looming, our client was apprehensive about the impact the new scheme would have on their business. They had only been keeping manual records, and changing to a new, digital process seemed like an expensive and time-consuming exercise.

Knight & Co helped them to find a solution that would meet their requirements, but also benefit their business.

Our client hadn’t used digital bookkeeping systems before because of the time and costs involved, and they weren’t confident that a new system would work for them.

They felt that their existing bookkeeping method suited them perfectly, and the compulsory introduction of MTD just seemed like an unnecessary burden and a distraction from their day-to-day business.

Knight & Co looked for a solution that would not only meet the new requirements, but would be easy for our client to manage and helpful for their business, rather than simply being another cost to take on. 

After carefully reviewing the many options available, we were able to choose a system which would work for all parties. 

We arranged face-to-face training sessions with our client, so they could see first-hand how to use the system. Over the next few months, we gave them plenty of help as they got used to the system and made it work for what they needed.

Now, our client is up and running with digital bookkeeping, meeting all the requirements of MTD and getting a lot out of it for their business, too. They’re confident that the information they are presenting is correct and that it will always be completed on time.

Supporting a growing business with better accounting systems

We work with businesses at various stages of growth, from those who are just starting out, to those who have been in business for many years.

This client came to us during the early stages of their business, and the directors were still heavily involved with admin and finance duties when they really wanted to be thinking about strategy and growth.

Our client’s business was going through a period of growth, and had started taking on new directors.

However, the company directors were still finding themselves bogged down with day-to-day bureaucracy when they wanted to focus on the new opportunities available to their business.

We helped our client to implement a new bookkeeping system to keep things running smoothly, as well as assisting with their accounting and compliance.

We made sure the business was meeting all its legal requirements, and paying the right amount of tax at the right time.

Once the changes had been made, there was a noticeable improvement to the business’s performance, with its sales and profitability both increasing. 

As the directors had access to timely and up-to-date financial reports, they were able to set out plans for the future and put them into place at a much quicker rate. They had a better understanding of their own business, and of the KPIs that were important to them, and could use that knowledge to expand the company.

Restructuring two businesses into one

As a business develops over time, the goals and motivations behind it can change – and the structure of the business might need to change, too. Restructuring is a complex process to go through, and it needs to be done by the book. Here’s how we helped one client, who wanted to combine their two businesses into one succinct structure.

Our client was running two businesses and wanted to synchronise them into one, but they needed help with the process and wanted to make sure they met their legal requirements throughout.

Using communication methods – including calls, emails and face-to-face meetings – that were convenient for our client, we worked with them to restructure their business, making the transition happen as smoothly as possible. 

Our client has transitioned to the next phase of their business, and they are happy with how the process went. We still have regular dealings with them, and we’re assisting with their business in its new structure.

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