HMRC will not accept personal credit card payments after 12 January 2018

As stated in a previous newsletter, HMRC will no longer accept payments by personal credit card after 12 January 2018.

The reason of the change is that from 13 January, the EU Payment Services Directive 2 prohibits merchants (including HMRC) from recharging associated fees back to customers.

HMRC will not absorb the cost of credit card fees as this would be a cost to the public purse.

Payments by debit card or corporate credit card will continue to be accepted.

The timing means that taxpayers who wish to pay their 31 January 2018 self-assessment liabilities by personal credit card will need to make the payment by 12 January 2018 or use an alternative payment method.

The ICAEW’s tax faculty guide ’Paying Tax to HMRC’ covers this change and the range of payment methods available.

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